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About Us

We're Refresh Restoration, available 24/7 whenever and wherever you need us for all water, fire or mold remediation needs. 


We know how you feel and what you need. After personally experiencing multiple water damage issues in one year we realized we had to do something. Prior to Refresh, the available restoration options just weren't good enough.  We knew there had to be a better way to help people restore and rebuild their water damaged spaces.


With an idea and dream, two friends created REFRESH to apply modern technology to an age old problem. We started locally and we've been growing and developing the most advanced and trusted services ever since.  We're proud to be the fastest growing and best restoration service in the CT and NY areas.  

We are committed to serving our clients by going above and beyond their expectations. Our skilled technician crews, account mangers and business operations staff are the best of the best.  Our work and reputation speaks for itself. We are fast to arrive, reliable, skilled  and provide high quality, courteous service you can depend on. Working with advanced technology and tools we quickly, safely and considerately return your space and sanity.

Contact us 24/7 whenever water, fire or mold disaster strikes and we'll be right over.

Meet our Team

Anthony Smith

Chief Technician

Experience, skill and courtesy are the three most important traits for our technicians. Anthony has all three of these traits by the bucket load. Achieving the best outcome for our clients and getting it right from the start is his goal. See for yourself and tell us what you think.

Ella Omer

Account Management

Knowledge, communication and courtesy drive our account managers to go above and beyond expectation on a daily basis.

Our clients and partners are always our top priority and you'll see that when you deal with Ella.  

Gillian Shain

Project Management

Coordination and optimization are words that many project managers use. Gillian likes to add consideration and technology and efficiency to that list.

Making things happen smoothly, intelligently and quickly makes for the best experience for all involved.  

Contact Us

Need help now? Contact us!

Stamford, CT 06902

Tel:    +1- 203-987-6251

Toll Free: 855-221-6692


Restoration Rebuilding


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